Gorgeous Georgina

Georgina is a disguise worn by Lieutenant George in "Major Star" in the fourth series.

History Edit

Blackadder is ordered to make a live-action play to boost the men's morale, but he didn't have a girl to perform a drag-act, so Blackadder gave a disguise to Lieutenant George.

After the first play General Melchett fell deeply in love with Georgina and asks Blackadder if it is ok to take Georgina to the ball on the same evening. So Georgina went to the ball with General Melchett after Blackadder told him that "Georgina" will not speak because she is saving her voice for the next play in London.

Blackadder is shocked when he discovers that George and General Melchett have gotten engaged. George states he had to "drape a napkin over his shoulder" because General Melchett was dribbling on him. When Blackadder confronts him about the engagement, George states that the music and candles got to him.

Blackadder then has to go to General Melchett and tell him bad news. The General asks him if Georgina is Welsh, and Blackadder says no, that Georgina "Was dancing for joy. Unfortunately, she danced right through the trench and before I could say be careful, don't tread on a mine! She trod on a cluster of landmines" and was blown up. The General is distraught for about five seconds before getting over it.

Blackadder then replaces George with real girl Bob, but General Melchett is outraged and says he thought it was a terrible drag act.

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