The Trinity College Tiddlywinks were a ten-man gang made up of Lieutenant George's school mates. To prevent one another from being discovered, tracked and killed should the War in France be won by the Germans (Also for their own amusement) they gave each other unusual and extremely bizarre codenames.


The Trinity College Tiddlywinks were set up by Lieutenant George St Barleigh sometime between 1910 and 1914 in Cambridge University. They were set up, at first, as just the occasional teenager's gang, made up of nine of the most idiotic boys in the vicinity, each individual loathed by their fellow students and by their teachers.

When War broke out in 1914, the TCTs eagerly 'leapfrogged' to the application stand, playing tiddlywinks in the queue (They had once conquered the Oxford's Tiddlywinkers) and, once accepted narrowly since they were all born on the same day and had only applied seconds after their birthday, they were 'off to hammer the Bosch'.

Their stories in the Army were scattered since they all fought in a variety of battles during the War. Unfortunately, by the time the War was won, the Trinity College Tiddlywinks were all wiped out during the War's most famous battles.


  1. George St Barleigh: Theoretically the most unintelligent member of the gang, Lieutenant George participated in the Battle of the Somme alongside Cpt. Kevin Darling, Pvt. S Baldrick and Cpt. Edmund Blackadder, and was the first casualty of the Big Push. He is, undoubtedly, the longest-lasting member of the gang.
  2. Jocko and the Badger: The two youngest individuals of the gang, also the most-loathed of their year at public school. They both participated in the First Ypres Campaign, fighting as Front-Line soldiers, fighting to the last man, using the butt of their rifles to fight once they were out of bullets and killing one officer by stuffing the barrel down the officer's throat, but they were both defeated, rounded up and executed.
  3. Sticky: Maybe the most naive member of the gang, Sticky was placed in the Royal Navy and participated in the Battle of Jutland on the HMS Complete Dunce as a Chief Petty Officer. He was the very first casualty of the Battle of Jutland, and his body was found fifty years later, preserved inside an empty gun shell.
  4. Bumfluff, Drippy and Strangely-Brown: The three other members were the second-wealthiest participants of the Gallipoli Campaign alongside the Anzacs. They, like Jocko and the Badger, were the final Allied casualties of the campaign after their passing during an artillery attack.
  5. Titch and Mr. Floppy: They were among the body of men who went Over the Top before Lieutenant George and his battalion. It was mentioned, not in the series, in the very last King and Country issue, that they were maybe the sixtieth bravest casualties of both World Wars, after they rather stupidly died in their own gas attack.

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