Ok, 2nd Blackadder Blog post, and proberly a random one. I'd like to talk about one of my favourite Characters: Bladrick, which one you may ask? Well to explain that i have a cunning plan....

My Fave Baldricks

  1. Private Baldrick
  2. Blackadder II Baldrick
  3. S. Baldrick
  4. The Black Adder Baldrick

There you go my Bladricks in fave order. So i'll talk about Pte.Baldrick (Any who knows anything about Ranks will know Pte. is short for Private).

So, Bladrick, a.k.a Tony Robinson, i loved Tony Robinson's TV shows before i ever saw Blackadder, so i was bound to love the character and i do! The countless times i've heard 'Don't worry my Lord, I have a cunning Plan' from him is great, and proberly my fave line from the whole series. And to be honest the whole chararter is really well written, and funny. In particluar Pte. Baldrick is funny due to what he cooks (Tea being dirt & spit) and his general attitude to the War.

Don't know what much to say, as i'm a bit stuck for words on all Blog i've wrote today on any wiki, so that's it, hope you enjoyed!

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